Serneke was founded by Ola Serneke in 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Serneke Group AB listed on the Nordic Nasdaq in 2016 and is active in four main business areas; construction, civil engineering, project development and property management – all of which are in continuous and close co-operation with each other via a central and regional structure.

The organisation is based around three regions in Sweden; West (headquarters in Gothenburg), South (regional office in Malmö) and East (regional office in Stockholm) with a total of 16 offices in existing markets. The central support functions in Gothenburg include; Finance, HR, Communications, Legal, IT and Business Development.

Construction represents approximately three-quarters of the Group’s operations and revenue. The relatively autonomous and entrepreneurial Construction Managers are the primary profit centres, each operating lean teams of mainly professional employees, with support from their regional offices and the central support functions. Collaboration between the business units, the central support functions and the regions fosters a constant exchange of experience and new ideas. On-going sustainability initiatives are carried out by the Group within the business areas, and in close cooperation with clients and customers.

Serneke has considerable experience and expertise in the efficient delivery of medium- and high-density developments into existing communities in Sweden using modern methods of construction, including an overall average of 50% offsite fabrication. All new projects are front-loaded with input from senior personnel to inform the selection of design and construction methodologies, to optimize the timing and production processes and to allow our values to pervade the entire process.

In 2018 Serneke merged with Perth-based Consortium Builders and established Serneke Australia, the first overseas region and the start of an international expansion programme aimed at becoming one of the top 30 construction companies in the world by 2030.

On 8th November 2018 Consortium Builders Pty Ltd commenced trading as Serneke in Australia. Our focus is multi-residential and community buildings designed and built to world standards for environmental and social sustainability.

Serneke now brings its capacity and know-how to Australia, offering a collaborative approach to the design and construct process that optimizes speed, sustainability and value management.


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