Sustainability is a natural part of our business and encompasses both environmental and economic aspects. For Serneke, being able to contribute positively to society as a whole is a fundamental driving force.

At Serneke, we believe that focused sustainability work and a sustainable value chain contributes to long-term growth and a better society for future generations. Sustainability for us is taking responsibility, to build without burdening our environment more than necessary. We challenge and have the courage to question conventional materials and construction methods, all to create a more optimised end-product for our customers.

We strive to continuously reduce resource consumption and environmental impact in all areas, in production as well as in the development of our projects.

The environmental impact of the construction industry is large, particularly in terms of green house gas emissions. Serneke strives to continuously reduce consumption of resources and environmental impact in all business areas. The work occurs at all levels of the organisation and is an integral part of all activities, from purchasing that takes this into consideration to good sorting and handling of waste.