The City of Malmö has decided on a land reservation for Serneke in the district of Hyllie. The planned homes, made in cooperation with E.ON (electric utility service providers), become the Next Generation Energy House – a smart house that generates more energy than it consumes.

Serneke is assigned a construction right that includes 6 500 square feet of BTA in the area of Solkvarteren. The right of construction refers to housing in apartment buildings with the tenure of condominium.

"We always want to create properties that are sustainable in the long term, both economically, ecologically and socially. In Solkvarteren we will create Malmö's absolutely smartest accommodation linked to the latest technology available", says Jonas Håkansson, Regional Manager at Serneke Project development.

The smart energy accommodation in Solkvarteren is created together with the energy company E.ON and their latest research and experiences from, among other things, the energy house in the western harbour.

– By minimizing energy consumption and locally produced energy from solar cells, we are going to create Malmö's most climate smart accommodation. We are also planning for a number of other exciting energy solutions, such as letting the lifts generate electricity when used, using electric cars to store energy and connecting the entire property to control, measure and optimize electricity and heat. All technical solutions should be based on the needs of the residents and facilitate a sustainable lifestyle, "says Peter Jonsson, head of sustainable urban development at E.ON.

The land reservation decided by the technical board is the first step towards a land display.

A calculated construction start can be 2019 which means that the buildings can be tentatively finished starting 2021.

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