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Next generation sponsorship

Serneke's sponsorship is based on creating the right conditions for realizing goals set by clubs, athletes, organizations and events. Building the foundation where good things thrive and can grow, which in turn benefits society and the next generation.

Serneke is a construction company from start, and we know what you can achieve with a strong foundation. We offer the foundation and the sponsored stand for the drive. This way they can focus on what they do best, and we can contribute achieving the goals.

Why Goals?

At Serneke we admire all who dare to go their own way. Who has the drive to continue, even though others say it is not possible. Who are honest and respectful with themselves and others.

We believe that through commitment, courage and clear goals you come a long way. We therefore call our sponsorship program "Goals". To support concrete goals for us as companies, for society and of course for our many sponsorship commitments.

Some call it CSR, but we see it more as an opportunity to achieve common societal goals that benefit everyone.


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Right now we are sponsoring 117 clubs and organizations.

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