There is a certain way of thinking that all new generations seem to have in common: to challenge the norm, think differently and find new ways to tackle old problems. We consist of many people with different origin, age and experience. But there is one thing that ties us together. The unshakable desire to create and belong to something new. Welcome to the next generation.

Serneke is an innovative and expanding construction company operating in construction, civil engineering, project development and property management. The company was founded in 2002 by Ola Serneke and has been one of Sweden's fastest growing companies in recent years. Engaged employees with a clear target and a vision to challenge market leaders are one of several explanations for success.

Serneke is the next generation construction company because we dare to think differently and challenge norms. We offer the same assurance and knowledge as the market leaders, but with more energy, dedication and a more modern approach.