Through a competitive total offering within construction, civil engineering, project development and property management we have developed into a leading construction and  property management company in Sweden.

Close cooperation between the business areas in terms of planning, estimation and project implementation creates conditions for high efficiency and use of skills. Serneke Group has approximately 1 100 employees.

Our operations are structured by business areas: construction, civil engineering, project development and property management. All business areas are controlled by a management team with a business area manager, supported by the Central Group functions.

Groupwide functions

The joint group functions include finance, human resources, communication and IT. Executive management consists of the CEO, COO, CFO, the four business area managers, the Regional Manager for Construction West, the HR-Manager and the Business Development Manager.

Serneke focuses on Sweden's three metropolitan areas, but is also active in nearby towns and villages deemed to be attractive. The area in and around the Gothenburg region make up the West Region, the Stockholm region is the Eastern Region and the Malmö region South Region.

Our offices

All business areas are present in Gothenburg, and in Stockholm and Malmö all but Property Management. Local offices in Helsingborg, Borås, Halmstad, Jönköping, Strömstad, Trollhättan, Varberg, Växjö, Skövde, Uppsala and Alingsås represents business area Construction.