Serneke must be an environmentally-aware company where every employee considers the environment in their daily work. We must be the obvious choice when a client specifically prioritises a minimal environmental impact for their project. Our top management prioritises and is responsible for continuously minimising the use of resources in the projects we undertake. We do our utmost to choose modern, efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies for our projects based on well-founded evaluations which balance the environment and financial considerations.

Serneke always strives for the best possible relationships with clients, subcontractors and other actors within the industry that we operate in. Through a continuous dialogue and regular follow-up meetings, we guarantee that every individual project complies with the environmental requirements set. Without exception, we work in compliance with all applicable requirements of environmental legislation. Our aim is to work with continuous improvement and thereby to minimise environmental impact by the construction. Since environmental care develops continuously due to new expertise and technologies, we keep ourselves well informed in this area. Serneke complies with, and has routines for, regulations that are required for environmental certification under ISO 14001