Values & Objectives

Serneke is a contractor of the next generation. We demonstrate this by always challenging and questioning prevailing conditions of the industry which we come across every day. We believe that challenges drive development and that all ground-breaking thinking creates more efficient and innovative solutions.

Through profitable growth and group co-operation, Serneke will grow into one of the leading contractors in the country.

Business strategy
Through business development and cost-efficiency, Serneke will create and realise projects and deliver services and solutions beyond our client's expectations.

Our offer
We offer the same assurance and expertise as the market leaders but with more energy, engagement and a more modern perspective.

– Create sustainable and profitable growth.
– Position ourselves as market leader among construction and civil engineering enterprises.
– To be the obvious contractor for projects above SEK 50 million and in the longer term, a project partner for assignments above SEK 500 million.
– To be considered as the most engaged, businesslike, serious and dynamic construction company in Sweden.
– To be considered as the most attractive employer in the industry.

Financial objectives
– The operative objective is to establish an operating margin of 6 percent for 2014 and 7 percent for 2015.
– Liquidity should be at least 25 percent.
– SEK 3 billion turnover for 2015.