Barkarby City

Barkarby City

The municipal council of Järfälla decided on 29 May 2017 to move forward in the plans to work with Serneke to establish a completely new district in Veddesta. In addition to housing, school, trade and hotels, sports facilities, including a ski loop indoors, become a central part of the plans. In March 2019 the district was named Barkarby City.

The Land-view agreement decided by Järfälla Municipal Council gives us the exclusive right to negotiate for three years with the municipality about the transfer and exploitation of the area. Together with the municipality we will jointly develop a detailed plan.

The land display agreement states that the Parties shall work to ensure that the project area is designed for new buildings, including housing, sports, offices, hotels, schools, trade and culture. A ski loop in the indoor environment is also included in the memorandum of understanding.

Builds for exercise and sport
"We see it as a matter of course to think about public health, integration and education in the planning of housing and new neighborhoods. By building for exercise and sport in combination with schools, culture and business, we create the conditions for these aspects. We want to be here to create this together with Järfälla municipality", says Ola Serneke, CEO at Serneke.

"I am glad that Serneke wants to participate and develop Järfälla with urbanity and quality of life in one of the municipality´s most attractive locations. In addition to new homes and commercial premises, something as unique as an indoor ski area is added, which will be a destination for visitors from all over the Stockholm region", says Claes Thunblad (S), chairman of the Municipal board in Järfälla.

New Communications
The land area of the new district is located on the west side of the E18, adjacent to the current Veddesta centre and directly adjacent to the newly opened commuter train station and the future Blue Line of the subway.

The project enables the exploitation of between 90 000 and 150 000 square feet of BTA (gross area).

Accommodation with superb glide
In Barkarby City we plan for accommodation, hotels, an approximately 1.2 km long cross-country ski track under land that is open all year, shops, services and restaurants. Planning and design of the area is ongoing and the sale of the homes is planned for the second half of 2019.

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