Magasinhusen in the north of Borstahusen, Landskrona, are one of our first proprietary projects in the city. Here we build 99 new brick apartments that reflect Landskronas historic Packhus and Borstahusens Marine architecture.

The area will consist of blocks of flats with apartments of varying sizes, with large high windows letting in the landscape of the home. All apartments have a balcony, some with views of Ven and the strait. 

Borstahusen is an idyllic fishing town in northwestern Landskrona with a lot to offer. Close to the city but in the middle of nature with everything you need around the corner.

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Short facts

Operational category:
Project development
Type of project:
Residential buildings
Skåne / South

Contact person

Caroline Andersson

Sälj- och Marknadskoordinator

Östergatan 18, 211 25 Malmö