Jäntan Quarter

Jäntan Quarter

In central Landskrona we plan to build the 15-storey building Teaterterrassen with shops, offices and housing.

The block is facing Österleden, next to the site of the eastern city gate, and the house can at its highest point be about 60 meters. About half of the approximately 30,000 sqm become homes and the rest shops and offices.

The block will be built in three stages. First up is Teaterterrassen with 80 homes in the block's tallest house, which will also be Landskrona's tallest house. At the bottom of the building, some of the commercial will be located. Teaterterrassen is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2020.

The second stage is called Appladen and this house is lower than Teaterterrassen and facing Regeringsgatan.

In parallel with the two stages of housing, the third part is being built consisting of commercial premises such as supermarkets, office premises and nursing homes.

"I think it's exciting and fun to have an entrepreneur who wants to invest in the city, and who dares to stand out. I think it has the potential to become a gateway to the city," Torkild Strandberg (L), chairman of the municipal board, told HD.

Read more and register your interest on Sernekebostad.se

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Project development / Construction
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Residential buildings / Kommersiella fastigheter
Skåne / South

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