Scandinavia's largest multisport arena

Prioritet Serneke Arena

Prioritet Serneke Arena, earlier Gothenburg's Arena, is Serneke's largest project to date both in terms of in-house projects and as a contractor. The volume of the building is approx. 45,300 m² and the budget for the construction is approx. SEK 800 million. The arena is the largest multi-sport arena in Scandinavia and is housing an indoor ski facility, full-size football pitch etc.

A new type of arena
The concept of building this unique sport facility was conceived in the mid 2000s in dialogue between Ola Serneke, CEO and Änglagårdsskolan. The idea was to construct a unique school with its own exercise facilities and in that way, provide the opportunity to make it easier for youngsters to play football all year round and, in the longer term, stimulate football talent.

It turned out to be difficult to make such a project profitable, which meant that the project developed into a multi-sport facility with more activities and tenants. The outcome is this unique multi-sport arena with indoor ski facilities, full-size football pitch, two sports halls, primary school, sports college, restaurant, conference facilities, gym, sports injury clinic, sports hotel etc. The largest hall seats approx. 3,300 spectators. Measuring 45,300 m², the building is one of the largest in Gothenburg.

The facility is the largest multi-sport arena in Scandinavia, but the project is not just unique from a sporting or social perspective but also from a financial point of view. Many arenas in Sweden find it hard to be profitable. Prioritet Serneke Arena was early filled with tenants making the finances add up as per plan.

Founders with a passion for Gothenburg
Prioritet Finans and Serneke have made the arena possible. They own the facility and with a great deal of enthusiasm and mutual drive, they have taken the project to the finishing line.

Both Prioritet Finans and Serneke share the ambition to work for Gothenburg, and in particular, Gothenburg as a sports city. The link between the companies is indeed sports where both are currently working with some of the largest brands in Sweden such as IFK Göteborg.

The Kviberg Park area 
Prioritet Serneke Arena is in the Kviberg Park area in Gothenburg. An area which Gothenburg City Council aims to develop into one of the most attractive sporting areas in Sweden. The aim is for Kviberg Park to become a meeting place where local residents and people from all over the country can take part in a wide variety of activities and be a vibrant community of clubs and businesses focusing on sports, health and culture.

The construction of the facility was started in the autumn of 2012 and the project was completed in July 2015. As the arena opened the name was changed from Gothenburg's Arena to Prioritet Serneke Arena.

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Project development / Civil Engineering / Construction
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Kommersiella fastigheter / Sports facility / Offentlig sektor
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