On behalf of the real estate company Kraftstaden Fastigheter we are building the new Sylteskolan in Trollhättan. The project amount is approximately SEK 485 million and is carried out through partnering with the real estate company.

We have previously rebuilt some of Trollhättan's schools and now we have also been commissioned to renew Sylteskolan, the city's largest primary school. The school will consist of primary school, special school, recreation center, library and sports hall.

In the planning of the new school yard, students in grades four and five have been given the opportunity to have their say. This has led to proposals such as a larger school yard, more football pitches, covered seating and a drinking fountain. Today Sylteskolan has more than 600 students, but in the coming years the number is expected to grow to almost 1000.

The construction was commenced May 31, 2017 and the project will run for four years.

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Christer Larsson

Construction manager, Trollhättan

Åkersbergsvägen 10, 461 34 Trollhättan