Serneke is one of Sweden's fastest growing contracting companies with a comprehensive offering in construction, project development and property development.

The goal is to be perceived as the most innovative, committed and dynamic company in the industry. Our focus is on larger and more challenging projects where our competitive advantages make the most difference.

Our approach to cooperation

From the start we have put the concept of engaging at the top of the agenda. In order to anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers, it is important that we jointly create openness and mutual trust. Our experience is that a high degree of understanding of our customers ' needs and expectations gives us a better opportunity to be proactive and avoid misunderstandings. We appreciate a straight and open dialogue.

Serneke puts a great value in long-term sustainable customer relationships, if nothing else testifies to our rapid development about this. Without an ambition to surpass customers ' expectations, we would not have been able to gain confidence in new and larger projects. We strive to ensure that the customer both functionally and cost get a better product than they expected. Cost awareness is found in the spinal cord and we try all costs consistently.

Change is a constant condition with us

Our industry is considered by many as conservative, therefore we see an advantage in not being a conservative construction company. In order to be a little better than the competition and be able to build cheaper, better or more rationally, we have to dare to question. To put it into practice, we have consistently recruited employees motivated by their own drive to do the right things and deliberately aligned an organization accordingly.

Clear objectives and common guidelines that at the same time enable individual freedom motivates and stimulates creativity and development. A development that we mean is the basis of all improvement work and a precondition for us to perform a little better. The Prestigelösheten must be in the walls and the culture is characterized by surpassing our own and customers ' expectations together.