Preschool concept Atrium

Atrium is developed from a child perspective where bearings and lines of sight are based on a child's scale and curiosity. Our preschool concept is designed to promote good health for both children and educators.


With our school, we want to focus on sustainability and simplicity in terms of materials and design in order for them to last long term. Our concept preschools are somewhere between the familiar recognizable and the uniquely attractive, a playful roof that gives identity and a building without backsides to always fit in, and always arouse interest.

The preschool is equally suitable in a block as a villa quarter, in the countryside or in the metropolitan area. An atrium courtyard and a studio stimulate creativity and movement and promote outdoor educational activities. All children's departments are connected to the atrium courtyard via each studio. Between the different functions you have visual contact and contact with the atrium yard.

The concepts are developed in collaboration with Marge Arkitekter.

We offer four different preschool concepts:

Concept A: BTA 950 sqm (educational area 452sqm), 1 floor.
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Concept B: BTA 1390 sqm (educational area 665sqm), 1 floor.
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Concept C: BTA 1383 sqm (educational area 672sqm), 1 + 1/2 floor.
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Concept D: BTA 1846 sqm (educational area 918sqm), 2 floors.
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The Atrium courtyard helps to create bright and attractive premises and has educational opportunities for, for example, creating, learning and outdoor play. All interior design and placement of windows in the educational areas are suitable for children. In the studio and passages there are wall materials that invite you to put up what the children paint and shelves where you can exhibit what is created.

Spatiality and materials

Material and colour work should be part of the pedagogical space and be a support for the activities. To create a safe environment, we propose a material and colour setting that is warm, light, simple and cohesive. The proposal exists, as is the exterior, in three different colours; nature, red and green.

Exterior design

Building in wood has a long historical background in Scandinavia and also has great environmental advantages in comparison with alternative core and façade solutions. When we build a preschool for the next generation, for an environmentally conscious target group that cares for their children, wood feels like the obvious choice. Both in frame and facades.

The exterior material and colour setting is available in three different monochrome versions, both as a basis and optional; nature, green and red.

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Serneke is a contracted supplier in Sweden's municipalities and regions' nationwide framework agreement for pre-school buildings.

Our preschool Atrium is available in four different concepts and can be called off by municipalities around Sweden who are in need of building a new preschool. We also offer this concept to private operators.

"It is gratifying that Serneke has worked in its preschool concept with an atrium solution and an exciting architecture.

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