About us

Serneke is one of Sweden’s largest and fastest-growing construction & development companies, with more than 1,000 employees and a turnover of almost a billion Australian dollars.

In 2018 Serneke began expanding overseas by merging with Perth-based Consortium Builders Pty Ltd.

In Australia, Serneke is focused on multi-residential and community buildings, designed and built to world standards for environmental and social sustainability.

We bring a fresh, collaborative approach to construction that optimizes speed, sustainability and value management.

And, for stand-out projects, Serneke collaborates with progressive developers to create highly liveable buildings that promote health and well-being for the next generation.


Our Offering
We offer the same security and expertise as the market leaders, but with more energy, greater commitment and a more modern approach. We are distinguished by the major social responsibility we take in everything we do. We, together with our customers, want to develop products that are socially sustainable and create added value for society. We want to be at the forefront among our competitors regarding environmental issues, sustainability and innovation, and we want to engage people through constuction that promotes sports, health and lifestyle.


Commitment and courage
We are more committed to everything we do. Everything can be developed further, and we are motivated by improving and thinking in new ways. We take pride and responsibility in what we do. 


Simplicity and drive
We resolve problems closest to the source, and the fastest route to a solution is always a straight line. We have the courage and knowledge to make difficult things easy.


Honesty and respect
Only by accepting shortcomings and weaknesses can we develop and trust needs to be earned. We are always honest towards ourselves and others. Regardless of whom we meet, where or how, we always show respect. Mutual respect paves the way for dialogue, cooperation and development.


Visionary and solution-oriented
We do not accept questions being labeled as problems. For us, they are an opportunity to develop ourselves, our offering and our organisation.


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