Karlatornet is now the tallest building in Gothenburg


Newcomer rules the roost in Gothenburg. With the pouring of the 45th story of the Karlatornet tower’s core, the building has reached a height of 146 meters. This makes Karlatornet the tallest building in the city, although some 100 meters remain to the top.

“We have passed very many milestones in this project: the approval of the zoning plan, the completion of the piling work (unlike any other in the world), the pouring of the record-breaking base plate, and passing the halfway mark to full height, to name just a few. Being the tallest in town is definitely another reason for celebration. This is further proof that we have many incredibly talented people involved in this project who deliver amazing results day after day, come rain or shine,” says Ola Serneke, CEO of Serneke Invest and the initiator of the Karlatornet project.

In early March, construction reached halfway on the climb to the 73rd story and the final height of slightly more than 246 meters above ground. For some time, the pace of construction has averaged one story per week. Recently, work began on the part of Karlatornet at which the building gets its characteristic “twist”, between the 38th to 57th stories. There, the corner of the building is moved about 60 cm per story, creating a “waist” turning a quarter of a full turn.

According to the plan, construction will reach the 60th story in September, with another milestone being reached in the project as Karlatornet passes Turning Torso’s 190 meters, becoming the tallest building in the Nordic countries.

At the 69th story, an observation deck will be built to which the public will have access. The observation deck will be a unique experience and a strong visitor destination for Gothenburg as a whole.

Several elements in the construction process are currently in progress simultaneously. Highest up, the core and floors are being cast, the facade is being installed and has reached the 25th story, while in the lower parts of the building, apartments are being completed, with kitchens, parquet floors and other fixtures being installed. In between, all other installations are being carried out so that the more than 600 apartments will be completed in time for tenants to begin moving in to Karlatornet in the second half of 2023.

“We currently have a workforce of about 500 people working in two shifts. This is a huge and exciting project requiring careful planning and coordination. Work is progressing well in accordance with all plans,” says Construction Manager Anders Gustafson.

As Karlatornet grows towards its 73rd story, the development of the surrounding Karlastaden district continues. The construction of the Capella district, which will include housing as well as school, care facilities and commercial operations, is in full swing, with the framework now complete for certain parts. Another five of Karlastaden’s buildings are currently being developed in collaboration with Fastighets AB Balder. The remaining urban block, which, according to the plan, will comprise the district’s second-tallest building, at a height of about 150 meters, is currently on the market. Karlastaden will contain a total of approximately 2,000 apartments as well as a number of restaurants, cafes and schools, as well as healthcare and cultural facilities.

“It is amazing to observe and be a part of this unique emerging district. Attaining another milestone with Karlatornet bolsters us all in our efforts to create something that further enhances Gothenburg’s attractiveness,” says Erik Selin, CEO of Fastighets AB Balder.

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