Serneke is rebuilding the Viskan prison in the Municipality of Ånge


Serneke has signed a contracting agreement with Intea Bygg AB for the rebuilding of the Viskan correctional facility in the Municipality of Ånge. The contracting assignment is valued at approximately SEK 590 million.


The contracting agreement now signed is for phase two of a collaboration between Serneke and Intea that began in June 2022 when the planning and budgeting of the project commenced. The project entails extensive renovation and rebuilding of the property, which has previously functioned as a prison but has been used for other purposes since 2009. The buildings must now be recommissioned to enable their use as security-class 2 modern prison with room for 120 new inmates. The property encompasses ten buildings including living areas, a full kitchen, a sports hall and premises for gainful employment. Once in operation, it is estimated that the new prison will bring some 100 new jobs to the Municipality of Ånge.


“We now look forward very much to getting started on construction for Intea and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service and to creating a modern and safe facility, which society greatly needs. Although this project imposes strict and specific demands, our company has experience of similar projects and I am confident in our ability to deliver a good product,” says Anders Johansson, Regional Manager at Serneke.


Serneke already has a framework agreement with government-owned Specialfastigheter to construct prisons, police stations, defense headquarters and courts. Serneke currently has several projects in progress constructing prison buildings in various locations around Sweden.


“Viskan is the second facility that Intea is renovating and adapting to the operations of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, and we look forward to starting the rebuilding process together with Serneke,” says Jerker Häggström, CEO of Intea Östersund.


Construction is scheduled to commence in January 2023 and the project is set for completion in early 2025. The order value of approximately SEK 590 million is included in order bookings for the fourth quarter of 2022.

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