Serneke goals

Goals is the collective name of all our sponsorship activities and aims to achieve goals. Our own and those that are set up by society, associations, athletes and organizations. We want to actively contribute to a positive development in environments where people can thrive and grow, which in turn benefits society and the next generation.

It is difficult to find an expression that better captures what we want to achieve with our sponsorship commitment. Goals is partly something that our athletes and teams always strive to achieve, match after match, contest after competition. But it also holds visionary and long-term ambitions that go far beyond sport within this expression. Serneke goals is based on three overall goals that all our bets will aim for.

Alingsås Football Club

Alingsås FC is a shining example of where football, business and society achieve common success, for real. Since the fall of 2017, Serneke is the main sponsor of the AFC, the new generation football club.

Here, the girls are offered a first-class football training, an understanding of professional football's businesslikeness and, not least, a chance to grow as people. AFC works to engage children and adolescents through football entertainment. They also want to offer girls a level of education that enables a professional football practice in the future.

Eight's tram

The project Eight's tram gives all first graders in Angered the possibility to try on three occasions on ice skating in Angered Arena. The aim is to contribute to the fulfilment of meaningful recreational activities for children and young people.

Frölunda HC stood for equipment and instructors and invited the students with relatives at the game in Scandinavium after the three try-on-occasions. In addition to the eight tram, Frölunda Indians has started Lek-ice in Angereds Arena, which means that 600 children in Grade 1 will learn to skate for the first time. They have also invited newly arrived young people, girls and boys to Frölunda Borg.