Serneke's strategy aims to ensure long-term growth with good profitability. Central parts of the strategy going forward are an increased internal collaboration, an increased focus on local business acumen, an active community involvement and the courage to think new and beyond the most obvious.


Our vision is to build and develop sustainable societies for the next generation. We want to establish ourselves as a leading international player because it gives us more opportunity to make a difference.


We offer comprehensive services in construction and project development. Our goal is to be the most innovative, committed and dynamic company in the industry.
We focus on larger and more challenging projects where our competitive advantage makes the greatest difference.

A Stronger Serneke

In order to build a solid foundation to stand on when we move forward towards our long-term goals, our work over the next few years will be very much about building A Stronger Serneke. We will do this by focusing our business on:


  • We will improve the profitability of the construction business.
  • Balanced growth – we should continue to grow but not at the expense of profitability.
  • Improve collaboration and synergies in our new organization and use our resources efficiently.


  • We will increase value-creating activities within our project development activities.
  • Ensure quality and predictability in everything we do.

A strong and successful corporate culture

  • We will have the industry's best employees by offering a developing, sustainable and diversified workplace.
  • Continue to develop a culture that encourages engagement and entrepreneurship.

Serneke Group financial targets