Serneke is a group operating in construction, civil engineering, project development and property management. The company was established in 2002 and is already one of Sweden’s largest construction groups. In our continuous development, we have ranked alongside the fastest growing companies in Sweden.

Our view on co-operation
From the very beginning, we have placed the concept of engagement at the top of the agenda. In order to be able to predict our client's needs and expectations, it is cardinal that we engender transparency and mutual trust. In our experience, a high level of understanding of our client's needs and expectations places us in better stead to be proactive and avoid misunderstandings. We appreciate an open and straight dialogue. Serneke places a great deal of value in long-term sustainable client relationships; if nothing else, this is reflected in our rapid growth. Without the ambition of exceeding our client's expectations, we would not have been able to gain their trust for new and larger projects. We always strive to deliver a more functional and more cost-effective product to the client than what they had expected. Cost awareness is in our bones and we thoroughly scrutinise all costs.

We are constantly attuned to change 
Many consider our industry conservative which is why we see it as an advantage not to be a conservative construction company. We have to dare to question in order to be a step ahead our competitors and be able to build cheaper, better or more efficiently. In order to put this into practice, we have consistently recruited staff who are motivated by an individual drive to do the right thing and we have deliberately adapted our organisation to induce this. Clear objectives and mutual guidelines that simultaneously enable individual freedom, motivates and stimulates creativity and growth. We consider this development as the basis for all improvements and a prerequisite for us to be able to perform just that bit extra. Loss of standing must be ingrained, and our culture bears the stamp of exceeding both our own and our client's expectations.