Strong entrepreneurship, proximity to local businesses and committed employees have always been at the core of Serneke's services.

It's our offer to you and the next generation. And the next one.

Serneke is one of Sweden's largest construction groups with a comprehensive offer within construction and project development. Our goal is to be perceived as the most innovative, committed and dynamic company in the industry. We are passionate about contributing to the society and see great value in building with sport and health in focus.

It is not only the building itself that is important, but also the area and the environment around it. Serneke's customers are municipalities and private companies but we also develop our own projects. In addition, we offer services in civil engineering and infrastructure. Within project development, we do everything from residential development to commercial real estate and management services.

Change is a constant state of ours

Our industry is burdened with tradition and we want to challenge the industry but also the society to dare to think differently. We live in a rapidly changing world where we will be great by being responsive, flexible and courageous.

Our goals are to be sustainable for our customers, the society and the next generation. We want to be part of a positive community development that we can only achieve together with good customers and driven and conscious employees. This is our purpose, to belong to and add something new. Not to be the biggest. If you want to know more about who we are, please look into our career page.

Collaboration & partnering

Together with partners and customers, we create successful projects where we successfully work towards the same goal. It is important to understand each other's needs, challenges and drive to bring the project to its full potential.

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With a comprehensive offer in construction and project development, we build all types of buildings. Everything from community properties, commercial properties and housing but also more complex projects where the focus is often on community benefit with sport and health in focus.

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With a focus on national and regional infrastructure projects, contract work are carried out for both public and private customers. We handle unique projects and complete contracts in the concrete and construction industry.

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Project development

We project develop everything from residential, commercial properties to sports facilities. We work locally close to the customer and have expertise within the company throughout the chain - from first idea to management.

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New home

There are as many reasons to buy new property as there are people. But it always starts with thinking new. And it is also our way of thinking when we develop and build homes all over Sweden

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New premises

We have vacant premises in existing properties and in our ownly developed future projects. We create good conditions for existing and new tenants and together we create social benefits for the area.

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