Our approach to sustainability

We are into long-term sustainability

For Serneke, carefully considered sustainability work goes hand in hand with long-term profitability. By virtue of our size, we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable development and a sounder world. With our new sustainability framework, we are now taking the next step.

From a societal perspective, the construction industry plays a pivotal role. In addition to providing housing, schools, public properties and infrastructure it also generates employment, jobs and tax revenues. However, it also contributes to negative impacts, such as significant greenhouse gas emissions and ongoing challenges related to occupational health and safety, as well as supplier compliance and due diligence.

A lot is already being done – but a lot can be improved. This is where we want to be part of making a difference.

We want to be a positive influence and contribute to sounder development in society. To succeed, we must take responsibility, take an innovative approach, dare to take a stance and act to both nurture the environment and foster social values. This also imposes considerable demands in terms of cooperation with others – clients, end-customers, partners and suppliers.


Our sustainability framwork

Our sustainability agenda are driven by the goal of making sustainability an integrated and natural part of our entire operations. The sustainability work at Serneke is based on our sustainability framework. This framework ensures that we systematically address all areas where we can act more sustainably, laying the foundation for securing sustainable progress and creating long-term stability, enabling us to focus on building for the future.

The foundation of the framework is our nine focus areas: Well-being and safety, Social involvement, Employees and leadership, Sustainable projects, Climate, Circular resource flows, Business ethics and supplier assessment, Sustainable financing, and Digitalization and Innovation.



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