Code of Conduct

Serneke is a company that shows consideration and takes responsibility. Our Code of Conduct is based on our values and guides our employees, contractors, suppliers and other partners.

What does the Code of Conduct mean?

The Code of Conduct will help us run the business in a way that is honest and responsible for the individual, the business and the environment. We work to achieve an open-minded corporate culture where ethical, social and environmental iissues are discussed with an open attitude. By adhering to the Code of Conduct in terms of showing consideration, we build long-term relationships and contribute to the next generation. 

The Code of Conduct covers the following areas and applies to all employees. The first three areas also apply to suppliers and partners. However, we would like our partners to share our values in all areas.

A safe and secure work environment

We have a solid safety culture at our workplaces, and we show consideration for one another.

  • All employees and suppliers are observant of risks and unsatisfactory conditions at the workplace, and make an effort to contribute to a good and healthy work environment.
  • Rules of conduct and safety and common procedures at the workplace are respected and followed.
  • We work preventively with and address psychosocial and physical ill-health.
  • We show each other mutual respect regardless of gender, background, position or affiliation.

Ethical approach and fair business practices

Legally and ethically correct business dealings and supplying the appropriate level of quality are self-evident aspects.

  • Zero tolerance applies to all forms of corruption and human rights violations.
  • We only cooperate with companies that pay tax, adhere to laws and treat their employees professionally.
  • Competition on equal terms.
  • In order to promote long-term cooperation, we are responsive and treat our partners with respect, and together we deliver high quality.
  • Professional secrecy applies to all confidential and business-critical information.

Environmentally aware choices

We show consideration for the environment and future generations.

  • Everyone understands the environmental risks that exist at work, takes necessary action and adheres to applicable procedures.
  • We effectively conserve resources and make environmentally aware choices from the perspective of life cycle.
  • We dare try out new methods, cooperation initiatives and products to achieve improved sustainability.
  • We protect biodiversity and conservation in the areas in which we operate.

A workplace that promotes development

Our workplaces provide a stimulating place to work, and our employees are encouraged to take responsibility and develop on both a personal level and as part of the company.

  • We offer secure and good employment terms and promote a good balance between work and personal life.
  • We aim to be an equal opportunity workplace and to promote diversity.
  • We encourage participation and co-determination, where new ideas and thoughts are utilised.
  • We ensure the right expertise as well as effective and well-functioning teams.

Financial perseverance

With a market-adjusted product portfolio and a high degree of delivery reliability, we achieve the type of financial development required to ensure the resources needed for continuous investment.

  • We are responsive to the needs of the market and customers, and offer cutting edge products and service.
  • We have effective and quality-assured processes.
  • We are financially aware and see the overall picture when doing business.
  • Financial perseverance is achieved by adhering to the Code of Conduct.

Social commitment

We are a driving force in terms of creating the next generation society by using innovation and fresh ideas and by showing genuine consideration.

  • Innovation and collaboration allow us to develop vibrant surroundings for everyone.
  • We promote health and well-being by creating sites for recreation, sports and play.
  • We support local associations as a means to promote both kinship and individual development.
  • We promote integration and inclusion by offering internships, vocational training and “new start” jobs.
  • We encourage our partners to take civic responsibility.

Deviations from the Code of Conduct

Deviations from the Code or the existence of other unsatisfactory conditions must always be reported to the immediate manager or HR manager. We also have a service for whistle-bloting. Here you can report anonymously.