We are a value-driven company which means that what we do every day and in the very long term - aims to achieve something more.

Code of Conduct

We show consideration and take responsibility. The Code of Conduct is based on our values and guides our employees, contractors, suppliers and other partners.


We strive for a transparent business environment and a high ethical level. Our whistleblower service provides the opportunity to anonymously report if something is not done properly.

Core values

After all, everything that is being built - be it stadiums, skyscrapers or homes - must have a solid foundation. And the foundation of everything that we stand for and how we behave on Serneke consists of eight words.

Committed & courageous





We are more committed to everything we do. Everything can be developed, and being able to improve and think in new ways motivates us. We feel proud and take responsibility.


Honest & respectful





Only by accepting shortcomings and weaknesses can we develop. We are always honest towards ourselves and others. Regardless of whom we meet, where or how, we always show respect. Mutual respect paves the way for dialog, cooperation and development.

Visionary & solution oriented





We do not accept questions being labeled as problems without a solution. For us, they are an opportunity to develop ourselves, our offering and our organization.

Uncomplicated & Able to Act





We resolve problems closest to the source. We have the courage and knowledge to make difficult things easy.