The visionary

Serneke was established in 2002 by Ola Serneke and has been one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden over the last few years.

When Serneke was established, not many could envision what would happen. One man had a vision. Through tireless optimism, sharp business acumen and visionary partners, Ola Serneke created a construction group which today is expanding heavily and aims to be among the foremost in Sweden.

We may well be a new face in this sector but our background and our staff have a combined experience and drive that is beyond comparison. Since the beginning in 2002, it has been an upward trajectory. In short, you could say this: From zero to a billion SEK in ten years. Our recent change of name and profile is an important step in projecting our corporate culture and ambitions in a marked and more effective fashion. Serneke is the contractor of the next generation.

As our relatively young group is staffed solely of experienced and competent people, you will certainly notice that a large complement from the old sector make up our ranks today. We have now created the unique opportunity to merge all these competences and add our modern perspective in order to exceed the wildest dreams in concert with our clients.