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Follow these instructions when you invoice Serneke to make the handling correct and the payment on time. We apply 45 days payment terms.


The Serneke Group is switching to e-invoicing for more efficient, faster and safer invoice processing for supplier invoices. To send electronic invoices, you as a supplier need to send your invoices via an e-invoice operator (Van operator). It will ensure fast and correct handling of your invoices.
If you do NOT have access to a VAN operator for E-invoicing, you can go to the link below to easily create a free business account for invoicing.

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Invoice label
In order for Serneke to be able to process suppliers' e-invoices, the following requirements must be met.
· Project labeling must be labeled under your reference/buyer reference:
· The project label must contain project number (5-9 characters), followed by a hyphen, followed by Account number (4 characters), followed by a hyphen, followed by Location Code (LK(1-4 characters)).
Project number-Account-Location code


• Any additional marking must be added after the location code
• No space may be entered on the label.
• No RE text may be entered on the label.
• No extra hyphen may be entered
Serneke's GLN number
GLN number is always the company's current organization number without hyphens and is a numeric code that identifies the company and invoice address. . A complete list of our companies' GLN numbers will be available shortly.
Serneke Sverige AB GLN: 5566216908
Serneke Group AB GLN: 5566694153
Nybergs Svets AB GLN: 5561426643
Karlastaden Utveckling AB GLN: 5590592266
Serneke fastighetsstyrning AB GLN: 5590575881
Serneke Allanit AB GLN: 5591106348
For invoicing by companies other than those mentioned above, see the list below.

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Q: We do not have access to a VAN operator, how should we bill you?
A: If you do not use a VAN operator, you can go to Serneke's website and search for E-invoicing for suppliers and follow the instructions to send e-invoices to us free of charge via our VAN operator Pagero.
Q: How do I enter the correct project tag?
A: Marking must contain project number (5-9 characters), hyphen, account number (4 characters), hyphen, location code (LK(1-4 characters)).
Project number-Account-Location code

Q: Which VAN operators do you use?
A: We only use Pagero. If you use a VAN operator other than Pagero, you can ask your VAN operator to connect you to Pagero.
Q: How do we look up the GLN number for a specific company?
A: In our list, you can search and filter on a specific company where information about GLN numbers is available.


For questions to Serneke's finance department, contact:
Phone: 031-712 97 00

Questions regarding which services Pagero provides contact
Phone: 010-457 68 00

Send E-invoice

Are you missing a supplier to send us an e-invoice? Read here about how to proceed to start sending e-invoices to Serneke.

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