New number of shares and votes in Serneke Group AB


SERNEKE Group AB (publ) (“SERNEKE” or the “Company”) announced today that in October the number of class B shares in the Company has increased by 150,000 shares and the number of class A shares has been reduced by a corresponding number of shares as a result of the request for reclassification of class A shares to class B shares pursuant to the reclassification clause in the Articles of Association. According to the Articles of Association, class A shares carry one vote and class B shares carry one-tenth of a vote. Accordingly, the number of votes in SERNEKE has decreased by 135,000 votes. After the reclassification, the total number of shares in the SERNEKE amounts to 23,248,452 shares, of which 5,210,000 class A shares and 18,038,452 class B shares. The total number of votes in SERNEKE amounts to 7,013,845.2 votes.

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