Serneke recruits new head of Sweden for its new organization


Anders Arfvén will be the CEO of Serneke Sweden, the company that will contain Serneke's core business within the new organizational structure that was developed last fall. Serneke's management will also change in the new organization that applies from 2020.

The idea of strengthening Serneke's entrepreneurship, commitment and proximity to local business opportunities guided the organizational change that the Company was working on in 2019. From the beginning of this year, the Group's core business is organized into five regions: South, West, East, Mid Sweden and North. The responsibility for a single shared business with strong local roots lies with the regions, which will have full responsibility and the authority to promote the Company's entire offering to customers, including the construction, civil engineering and project development operations.

Anders Arfvén will be the CEO of Serneke Sweden, assuming the main national responsibility for all five regions. He was most recently employed by Veidekke as the head of the construction business area. Anders also held several managerial roles during his long career at Peab, including head of division and head of the subsidiary Kungsfiskaren.

"Due to the drive and level of ambition at Serneke, I truly look forward to this opportunity to be part of the company's new organization. Our customers and employees all work locally, so the five regions that are currently being implemented will pave the way for Serneke's continued progress. For me, it's natural to put colleagues, customers and projects first, which is also in line with Serneke's values. In my new role, I will benefit greatly from my prior experience at Peab and Veidekke," says Anders Arfvén.

"With our new organization, we want to improve conditions for entrepreneurship and new business creation through our entire offering. We believe in our employees and have no wish to become a sluggish major company that is run from the top. Serneke's strength has always been our committed employees and the close relationships with our customers. We will now become even stronger in these areas, which will make us more competitive and improve profitability. Anders will contribute a considerable amount of valuable experience to our company, and naturally, his role will be extremely important when progressing Serneke's core business in the new decade," says Ola Serneke, President and CEO of Serneke Group AB.

As the business will no longer be divided into three separate business areas - Construction, Civil Engineering and Project Development - in the new organizational structure, Serneke's management will also change. As of 2020, Serneke Group AB's new management will include the following people: Ola Serneke, President and CEO; Michael Berglin, Deputy CEO; Anders Arfvén, CEO of Serneke Sweden; Anders Düring, CFO; Jonas Fjellman, HR Director; Robin Gerum, Director of Business Development; and Daniel Modéus, General Counsel.

"The recruitment of Anders Arfvén and our new organizational structure will allow us to concentrate the management's efforts even more on strategic long-term work and our continued expansion," Ola Serneke concludes.

Anders Arfvén will take up the position of CEO of Serneke Sweden on July 1, 2020.

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