Serneke's Nomination Committee proposes that a new Chairman and two new Board members be elected


Ahead of the Annual General Meeting on May 5, 2020, the Nomination Committee of Serneke Group AB (publ) intends to nominate Jan C Johansson as the new Chairman of the Board, and Veronica Rörsgård and Per Åkerman as new Board members.

Serneke Group's Nomination Committee has decided to nominate Jan C Johansson as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Serneke Group AB. Jan is 65 years old and has held a wide range of senior positions within some of Sweden's leading companies, including as Vice President of Vattenfall, Senior Vice President of Network Operations at Telia and as President of companies within Boliden and SCA. His many board assignments at Swedish and international companies include Handelsbanken and SSAB. Jan is currently active on the Boards of Directors of Vinda, Souminen, Organoclick, Optigroup and Kährs.

The Nomination Committee also intends to nominate Veronica Rörsgård as Board member. Veronica is 45 years old and currently works as a manager within the AcadeMedia Group where she is also a member of the Group Management team. She has previously held positions including Executive Vice President HR and IT within the Skanska Group Management team, Country Manager for Alumni in Sweden and Board member of Aditro.

The Nomination Committee also proposes Per Åkerman, 55 years old, as Board member and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Serneke Group. Per has extensive experience from various leadership roles within Skanska, including as Executive Vice President of Skanska Sweden and Skanska Poland. Per Åkerman will serve as a working Board member, acting as a strategic consultant for company management, an assignment on which he commenced at the start of the year.

"The Nomination Committee's proposal regarding new members with solid, long-term and international experience of the industry and listed large companies entails a clear strengthening of the Board of Directors' skills. Alongside the proposal of a Chairman of the Board who has been active as both CEO and Board member of major international companies, they will be a great asset to Serneke in our upcoming expansion," says Ola Serneke, President and CEO of Serneke Group.

The upcoming nominations entail the Board of Directors of Serneke Group being extended by one person.

"We look forward to being able to nominate Jan, Veronica and Per to the Board of Directors of Serneke Group and are convinced that their varied experience will bring key skills to the work of the company's Board of Directors. With these nominations, we are strengthening the capacity of the Board of Directors," says Carl Sandberg, chairman of the Nomination Committee.

The current Chairman of the Board, Kent Sander, and current Board member, Anna-Karin Celsing, have declined re-election.

The above individuals are being duly nominated in connection with the announcement of the Meeting, which also presents other details from the Nomination Committee.

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