Clarification regarding preliminary agreements for Karlatornet


Yesterday, different and occasionally entirely erroneous disclosures were presented in the media regarding the preliminary agreements signed for apartments being acquired in the Karlatornet tower. The correct information is that about 80 percent of the buyers of apartments in Karlatornet have approved the updated schedule. About 40 have expressed a desire to terminate their agreements due to the changed circumstances.

Of Karlatornet’s total 594 apartments, buyers have been found for 487, with binding preliminary agreements being signed. In August this year, Serneke communicated an updated schedule for Karlatornet, meaning that tenants would start moving in during the second half of 2022. To date, 390 of the buyers have, via a supplementary agreement, approved the new schedule and the postponed occupancy date. About 60 buyers have chosen to retain their original binding agreements and about 40 buyers have expressed a desire to terminate their agreements.

“We are very pleased to affirm that a large majority of buyers remain with us in this unique project, showing their understanding regarding the updated schedule and looking forward to living in Karlatornet. This is, of course, extremely positive and has been a prerequisite for moving forward with the project. The banks and future JV partners have also required that the schedule be confirmed by the buyers. We can now continue the journey up towards the 73rd floor in accordance with the schedule that has now been set,” says Ola Serneke, President and CEO of Serneke Group and the initiator of the Karlastaden district, including the Karlatornet tower.

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