Construction of Brf Utsikten in Gårdsten has now commenced


The project to construct the Brf Utsikten tenant-owner housing association in Gårdsten has now been given the signal to proceed. The 59 new tenant owner apartments represent a new and welcome addition in a long-term initiative focusing on the district. The apartments are expected to be ready for occupancy during the spring of 2021.

Brf Utsikten is the first of several stages in work to develop Gårdsten Centrum, making it possible to welcome new residents to the district. The Brf Utsikten building will be 12 stories tall and will be situated adjacent to the new square. It will have 59 apartments, from studio apartments to apartments with one or two bedrooms plus living room, kitchen and bathroom and will be Gårdsten’s first tenant-owner apartment building. Future stages of development will include a restaurant, offices and a further 300 apartments.

“It feels great to get started with Brf Utsikten, which will provide an opportunity for Gårdsten residents to get started on the housing ladder, offering an alternative to rented accommodation. This project feels particularly heartwarming because it helps connect neighborhoods and shows that suburban construction can change,” says Ola Serneke, President and CEO of Serneke Group.

Work to develop Gårdsten Centrum and create new housing opportunities there has been conducted in close collaboration between the private business community, the city and municipal companies, represented mainly by Gårdstensbostäder, which is part of the Framtiden Group. Considerable commitment among those living and working in the area has also been an important factor in the development process.

“It is very positive for Gårdsten’s development that construction at Gårdsten Centrum is now in progress. It is important that the construction project, which is part of Vision 2025, has now started. New commercial facilities on the ground floor of Brf Utsikten will bring favorable conditions for more stores as Gårdsten grows in line with the vision,” says Michael Pirosanto, CEO of Gårdstensbostäder.

The development of Gårdsten Centrum and Brf Utsikten form part of the jubilee housing initiative BoStad 2021. Serneke has a long-term commitment to Gårdsten, including a ten-year development plan for the district which, in addition to housing, also includes commercial operations, offices and restaurants.

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