Serneke receives land allocations for 130 new apartments in Vellinge


It has now been decided that Serneke is being allocated land for the new construction of 130 apartments in the campus area in Vellinge.

In the campus area in Vellinge, next to the Vellinge Ängar transportation hub, Serneke is planning to build 30 tenant-owner apartments and 90 rental apartments spread across two buildings.

The homes will be consistently small and well planned. The buildings will be of a classic style with varied brick facing and gable roofs with 3 to 4.5 floors.

“We believe in Vellinge and are impressed by the municipality’s investments in streets, playgrounds and the new commuter square in the area. We see an extensive demand for small, well-planned rental apartments in Vellinge Municipality for the younger generation, among others. We see major potential for the area, which is close to necessary services around the corner and is also a neighbor to the Vanningen aquatics center,” says Jonas Håkansson, Regional Manager.

The buildings contribute to making the area denser around the healthcare center, the library and the high school, and create meeting places in the area. There will be commercial space facing the commuter square, which can provide service to the municipality’s residents and commuters.

Construction is planned to commence in 2020 and completion is scheduled for 2022

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