Serneke commences preliminary study regarding new Swedish national soccer training center


Serneke, the Municipality of Järfälla and the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) are to sign a letter of intent regarding examining opportunities for a new Swedish national center for development, training and education in soccer at Barkarbystaden.

The Municipality of Järfälla is currently working on developing the Barkarbystaden area into a vibrant neighborhood with housing, shops, services, culture and sports. Serneke is already involved in developing the new district through the Barkarby City project, an area with housing, shops, services and the first indoor cross-country skiing facility in the Stockholm region.

In the view of the Municipality of Järfälla, the Swedish Football Association and Serneke, establishing a Swedish national soccer training center in Barkarbystaden would strengthen the district’s profile as a center for sports and as a tourist destination, while also contributing jobs. The letter of intent entails jointly examining the conditions for bringing this to fruition.

“Both the company, and I personally, feel honored and fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the opportunities for developing the future of Swedish soccer in Barkarbystaden. I am certain that Serneke has a great deal to contribute when it comes to identifying solutions fostering both SvFF’s needs and the best interests of the district,” says Patrik ‘Bjärred’ Andersson, business developer at Serneke Project Development and former player in the Swedish national soccer team.

“We have always advocated construction focusing on sports. We are convinced that this is an important ingredient in sustainable urban development and improved public health. A facility that brings together resources for developing Swedish soccer would bring considerable benefits to Barkarbystaden’s vision of a vibrant urban neighborhood,” says Ola Serneke, President and CEO of Serneke Group.

“The ambition of the Swedish Football Association is to continue developing Swedish soccer to maintain a world-class standard. That requires conditions matching the absolute best. For all of our national teams, from the youth level to the national A team, to have the best conditions for achieving the best possible results, a national training center is an important piece of the puzzle. If this comes about, we will also have good opportunities to conduct all of our courses in one place and to advance our research and development work,” says Håkan Sjöstrand, Secretary General of SvFF.

The upcoming preliminary study will elaborate a schedule and process plan detailing the decisions that need to be taken and when this must occur. The preliminary study will also form a basis for future decisions on detailed planning assignments, framework agreements, land allocation agreements that regulate planning conditions, conveyancing and principles for how construction should be conducted.

“I am pleased that SvFF and Serneke have elected to enter into this letter of intent. This underscores Barkarbystaden’s attractive location, with good public transport connections, while I also perceive positive synergies for other association and club activities in Järfälla and the entire Stockholm region,” says Emma Feldman (M), Chairman of the Järfälla Municipal Council.

The proposed letter of intent between Serneke, the Municipality of Järfälla and SvFF regarding a new national training center in Barkarbystaden will be taken up for decision by the Järfälla Municipal Executive Board on Monday, November 11.

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