Serneke signs collaboration agreement with the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm


Serneke has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Museum of Science and Technology to commence planning and designing the Wisdome Stockholm extension. The new extension will be an interactive, digital learning and testing environment for science communications.

“We look forward to starting work on this collaborative contract. The targets and objectives are highly ambitious, in many ways making this an exciting and complex project. The process ahead will be both enjoyable and challenging,” says Jonas Kivi, Serneke’s Construction Manager.

Wisdome Stockholm will be the new experience arena for science communications, where complex scientific research will be made more readily accessible to all through visualization. The extension will be built entirely of wood with an innovative roof structure and dome. Technically and architecturally, this solution demonstrates the possibilities of wooden construction and indicates the direction of sustainable and resource-smart construction for the future.

“This is a very interesting project and one with which we are happy to be involved. The vision is for this to be Stockholm’s smartest building in terms of energy, sustainable construction and technology. A high degree of collaboration and creativity will be required to carry out this innovative project,” says Linda Schuur, Business Developer at Serneke.

Within the Wisdome project, Sweden’s five leading science centers and several universities and research environments will be collaborating on research, technology, applications and education regarding new approaches to learning and audience engagement. The Wisdome is intended to strengthen Sweden’s skills supply in key areas and to inspire children and young people to choose educational paths in technology or science.

The project is being implemented in two phases, with phase one commencing immediately with planning and budgeting of the project. The objective is for the new extension to be completed in 2022.

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