Serneke signs cooperation agreement on new wastewater treatment plant in Kalmar


Serneke Construction has signed a cooperation agreement with Kalmar Vatten AB to develop a new sewage treatment plant for the city, the Kalmarsundsverket facility. The project is one of Kalmar’s largest investments to date and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

The present wastewater treatment plant in Kalmar was completed in 1963 and has been added to in stages since then.

The point has now arrived at which it is no longer financially sustainable to renovate the treatment plant to meet future requirements and increased capacity as the city grows. To meet new requirements on wastewater treatment, a new wastewater treatment plant will ensure that the water returned to the Kalmar Strait is as clean as possible with the technical possibilities now available.

“We are extremely excited and happy to be involved in developing Kalmar in one of the city’s largest investments to date for improved sustainability. Serneke has been building up its venture in the water and sewerage industry and this project is in line with our strategy of taking on larger and increasingly complex projects in this area,” says Fredrik Jonsson, CEO of Serneke Civil Engineering.

The collaboration agreement entails the client and contractor working together closely throughout the construction process, from the planning phase and setting shared targets, through to financing and ongoing review. During the process, a budget is prepared for the project.

“There are many challenging aspects to this project that are technically demanding. For this reason, it feels especially satisfying to be able to perform the project in collaboration with Kalmar Vatten, with all parties involved having to contribute their particular skills and experience to succeed with the project, both technically and in terms of the overall financing,” says Calle Magnusson, Construction Manager at Serneke Civil Engineering.

“With this being such an important project for Kalmar, it feels entirely appropriate that it be carried out as a partnership, with all of the key players working together in the best interests of the project. High demands will be imposed on future wastewater treatment plants and, with our collaborative effort on the Kalmarsundsverket facility, we seek to create a recycling plant able to meet future sustainability requirements,” says Thomas Bergfeldt, CEO of Kalmar Vatten.

Construction is scheduled to commence in the spring of 2021 and is expected to be completed in 2025.

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