Serneke signs letter of intent regarding on development of Motala's urban area


Serneke has signed a letter of intent with the municipality of Motala and municipal company AB Wettern. Together the parties will study possibilities for developing several areas in the Motala urban area.

The letter of intent will be valid until December 31, 2021, initially involving the ”Gamla Motala verkstad” site, adjacent to national route 50 and the current sports fields. The study may also come to focus on other sites, such as Varamon, as part of the joint urban development project.

"We are pleased to have been afforded the continued confidence of the municipality to investigate possibilities for Motala's development. We want to examine how the urban area, which we consider to be a small, forgotten gem, can be brought together and strengthened. Given the great conditions that already exist, with favorable alternatives for commuters, we will be able to develop a proper canal-side neighborhood with attractive housing, an increased range of shops and services, additional community functions and more sports, which the municipality needs," says Ola Serneke, CEO of Serneke Group.

"With this letter of intent, we will now be able to take a more focused look at opportunities to develop several areas together. It is crucial that we have a shared vision of Motala's development and we perceive considerable benefit in working together with Serneke, AB Wettern and other stakeholders," says Annelie Almérus of the Swedish Moderates and Chairwoman of the Municipal Council. 

The parties will now begin work on developing strategies in the form of planning programs, detailed development plans or other governance documents for the areas of land concerned.

In June 2019, Serneke signed a letter of intent with the municipality of Motala for the ”Gamla Motala verkstad” site. The new letter of intent represents the continuation of this process, now also including other sites in Motala.

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