Experience one of Karlatornet's penthouse apartments by means of new technology


A digital model now allows anyone seeking to visit one of the penthouse apartments in Karlatornet to do so, even though the tower is not yet complete. Visitors can walk freely around the apartment using their computer or mobile phone, experiencing the feeling of living at an altitude of 245 meters, in one of the Nordic region's highest residences.

The apartment that you can now tour is one of Karlatornet’s four Penthouse apartments. The home is 370 square meters in size and extends over three floors with a roof terrace highest up on floor 73. No specific hardware is required to visit the virtual apartment, with everything being provided in the browser and working equally well whether experienced on a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. Ola Serneke, CEO of Serneke Invest and the initiator of Karlatornet project, is positive on now having another tool with which to showcase the project.

“We want to be at the forefront of the digital experience, and it feels right for the project to use new technology to illustrate what life at the top of Karlatornet can look like. This model gives a good picture of the apartment, and we believe we can help potential buyers understand how unique this is. The model gains additional importance because no similar apartments can be viewed this way anywhere in the Nordic region,” says Ola Serneke.

Digital tour built on new Swedish technology
The virtual 3D environment has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish visualization company TMRW and their newly developed SpaceWalk platform. The technology is intended to create a digital user experience resembling a physical viewing as closely as possible. The user can move freely and easily throughout the rooms, thus experiencing everything from the view from the jacuzzi on the roof-top terrace to how it feels to stand cooking at an altitude of 245 meters. The new digital technology also offers completely different opportunities for visitors, who can now experience the apartment both in daylight and at dusk.

Niklas Berntzon, a realtor at Eklund Stockholm New York, is handling the sale of Karlatornet’s 12 penthouse apartments, all of which have been offered for sale and seven of which have already been sold.

“I have longed for the day I can access these dream homes at the top of the tower and now there is a way in which I can already do that. I am impressed by the richness of detail and the feel of this tour that is available to all who are interested. For me as a realtor, the advantage is that clients can now really see and understand what it is they are actually buying,” says Niklas Berntzon.

Karlatornet is being developed jointly by Serneke and Fastighets AB Balder. Construction is in full swing and has now reached floor 27. Tenants will start moving in during the autumn of 2023 and the entire tower will be ready in 2024.

Link to the model: https://tmrw.inc/sw/karlatornet-penthouse

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