Plans for Säve solidify


Since the acquisition, Serneke’s vision for Säve has been to develop the airport area for industry, logistics and the experiences segment. The plans for creating a mixed-purpose industrial zone in the area have now solidified further.

“In the Säve area, we want to create space in which Gothenburg’s industrial and business communities can expand, directly adjacent to the Hisingen Bypass, the port and the city. This mixed-purpose industrial zone will include a combination of industry, logistics, trade and experiences. There is room here for space-demanding activities, while the area will, in itself, be an attraction worth visiting – it will be an industrial area in which we place people at the center more than previously,” says Krister Johansson, President of Serneke Property.

In the new plans for Säve, the mixed-purpose industrial zone will emerge over an area equivalent to 1,500,000 square meters (of the total of approximately 3,100,000 square meters that Serneke owns in the area). All types of operations can be established here, ranging from small-scale operations requiring 1,000-5,000 square meters up to normal-sized logistics facilities of 25,000 – 50,000 square meters. There is also scope for truly large-scale facilities of 100,000 square meters or more. Among the operations already established at Säve is CEVT, which conducts research and development in the automotive industry.

To create an area that focuses on people, the staff-intensive parts of all operations will be oriented towards a number of main streets. This means the neighbors are never far away, and natural locations are created in which restaurants and services can set up. The plan is for the area to be developed in stages. In an initial stage, the central area will appear. The development will then expand to the north and, in the third stage, the area to the south will be developed.

“With its strategic location close to roads, the port and the city, and with the space available combined with existing operations, we see a great potential for Säve,” says Krister Johansson.

The City of Gothenburg is including the development plans in the comprehensive planning process currently under way.

Facts Säve: 

Säve airport area, total area 3,140,000 m2
The developable area (2,240,000 m2) is planned to be divided up as follows:
Industry and logistics  1,500,000 m2 
Office and commercial  200,000 m2 
Motocross  140,000 m2 
Equestrian center  100,000 m2 
Hotel and conference  50,000 m2 
Campsite/vacation cabins  150,000 m2 
Landfill  100,000 m2 
Potential area for roof-mounted solar cells 750,000 m2

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Krister Johansson, President Serneke Property Management
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Johan Live, Press Officer, Serneke Group AB
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