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Serneke and Sustainable Innovation strengthen their collaboration by signing partnership agreement. The ambition is to bring about further solid initiatives to get the construction and property sector to contribute to achieving the climate and sustainability goals.

Currently, Serneke and Sustainable Innovation are already collaborating on two different initiatives, Local Roadmap Malmö 2030 (LFM30) and H22 Alone Together. LFM30 is an initiative in Malmö to accelerate the construction sector’s climate realignment and implementation of Agenda 2030. H22 Alone Together is a project within the framework of H22, the international urban fair in Helsingborg, to develop the housing of the future in a way that reduces exclusion, segregation and perceived lock-ins.

“I am very happy that we are strengthening our collaboration with Sustainable Innovation. There is only one way for our industry – and indeed for society as a whole – to achieve our climate and sustainability goals, and that is through cooperation. It is by thinking in new ways together that we can make a difference,” says Kaia Eichler, Sustainability Manager at Serneke.

“This collaboration provides a substantial boost for our common potential for real system change in sustainable construction. Together with Serneke, which yields control over a large part of the production chain and is strongly focused on both innovation and sustainability, we will be able to bring innovations to the market more quickly. This both lowers construction costs and increases climate, energy and resource efficiency in the built environment,” says Thomas Sundén, CEO of Sustainable Innovation.

Sustainable Innovation is a non-profit enterprise driving projects for sustainable community development. The objective is to enable a transition to a sustainable society through collaboration. Alongside the business community, the public sector and research organizations, innovations are created, tested and realized that contribute to in-depth societal change, making the climate, business, and life more sustainable.

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