Serneke and E.ON sign agreement on sustainable energy solutions in Helsingborg


Serneke and E.ON have signed an agreement regarding the supply of energy for the VéloCity project being developed in-house by Serneke in Helsingborg.

Serneke and E.ON have entered an agreement regarding the overall responsibility for production, operation and delivery of energy benefits for VéloCity, comprising a total of 71 apartments in the Mariastaden district of Helsingborg.

“It feels highly positive to be able to join E.ON in generating sustainable energy largely covering the property’s electricity and heating needs. Also gaining several smart solutions for electric cars and energy storage, for example, adds further value and attractiveness to the project,” says Carl Knutsson, Project Developer at Serneke.

“We perceive considerable interest from our customers in innovative local energy solutions, integrating everything from energy production to storage, visualization and energy sharing. By combining various smart and sustainable solutions, we bring both energy efficiency and comfort to residents, while simplifying climate-smart living,” says Sonny Strömberg, Head of Energy Solutions Sales at E.ON.

The geothermal plant being installed will, to the greatest extent possible, be powered by electricity generated by solar panels on the roof of the property. This solution minimizes the climate footprint. E.ON will install, own and operate the geothermal heating plant and solar panels on the roof.

To also secure a forward-looking, energy-efficient and sustainable energy and mobility solution, the agreement also covers energy storage, individual metering and debiting, electric vehicle charging, visualization and supplementary supplies of environmentally friendly energy. The ambition is that different properties should also be able to collaborate on energy solutions and share electrical energy.

Construction of the first stage of VéloCity commenced in May 2021 and tenants are expected to be able to move in by stages, commencing in 2023. Serneke plans to construct a total of four buildings at the site.

The parties have already been collaborating at Solkvarteret in Hyllie, where Malmö’s most climate-smart housing has been created by minimizing energy consumption and producing energy locally using solar panels.

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