Serneke and the Municipality of Vänersborg sign collaboration agreements on school projects


Serneke and the municipality of Vänersborg will, in strategic collaboration, develop and build six schools over the next five years.

The agreement signed by Serneke and Vänersborg includes strategic development of six school projects in the municipality. The projects extend until the year 2026. All of the projects are being planned and implemented on behalf of the Municipality of Vänersborg’s department for children and young people. Pupil numbers in Vänersborg have risen and the municipality wants to reduce the number of temporarily rented premises.

The six projects encompassed by the agreement include the new construction of a school in Holmängen for 525 students, the new construction of a preschool in central Vänersborg, the extension of two preschools in Frändefors and Dalsland, the extension of the Brålandaskolan school, and the extension and improvement of the Mariedalskolan school’s sports hall.

“At Serneke, we feel both pride and humility in gaining the opportunity to shape and realize stimulating educational environments alongside the Municipality of Vänersborg and its school operations. We have solid experience of several types of school projects, which we believe will be very useful in this collaboration. Our core values and collaboration with knowledgeable and committed project partners provide the conditions for generating considerable value for future operations, for property management and for the next generation,” says Christoffer Sundin, Construction Manager at Serneke.

“The benefits of partnering are several. Right now, it entails the school and the contractor focusing jointly on identifying the optimum solutions for those who will conduct operations in the property. This enables the municipality to make the right choice from the outset, investing money where it does most good,” says Anders Wiklund (MP), Chairman of the Public Buildings Committee in the Municipality of Vänersborg.

Each of the six collaborative projects are divided into two phases, with planning and budgeting occurring in phase 1 and construction in phase 2. The public planning process and the construction planning for the school in Holmängen will begin shortly, the largest of the six projects. The school will be constructed with a wooden frame and is expected to be completed in May 2024 with operations commencing by the autumn term of 2024.

The order value for each project is included in order bookings when a phase 2 contract is signed.

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