Serneke has signed a contract for the second phase of the new treatment plant project in Kalmar


Serneke and Kalmar Vatten have, based on a previously entered collaboration agreement, taken the next step in the project to develop the new treatment plant Kalmarsundsverket and have now signed a contract in phase 2. The project is to be completed in 2026. The order sum amounts to approximately SEK 1.4 billion.

As previously announced, Kalmar Vatten and Serneke signed a collaboration agreement in December 2019 to develop a reliable and sustainable circulation plant next to the old treatment plant at Södra Utmarken in Kalmar. The project, which is carried out in partnering cooperation in several phases, has since undergone phase 1, which included planning and budgeting. After an investment decision in the city council in Kalmar city at the end of May, Kalmar Vatten and Serneke have now moved on to phase 2 and thus signed a contract for implementation.

– For us at Serneke, it feels very satisfying to continue contributing to the development of Kalmarsundsverket and the municipality's important investment in the sustainable management of one of our most important resources, water. In a growing Sweden, the Kalmarsundsverket will be able to serve as a model for similar much-needed investments. Together with Kalmar Vatten, with this project we will be at the forefront of the development of the cycle plant of the future, says Mikael Hultqvist, CEO of Serneke Sweden.

Kalmarsundsverket will become a cycle plant that, through modern technology, will meet the future requirements for a sustainable treatment plant. In addition to cleaning wastewater, Kalmarsundverket will be able to recycle water that can be used for irrigation and in industry, produce soil improvers and produce gas that can provide electricity and heat. This creates a cycle in several aspects.

– We are happy about the continued trust from Kalmar Vatten and the good cooperation we have established during the first phase of the project. Now we are all looking forward to putting the shovel in the ground. Together with our strategic subcontractors, we have put together a strong team with all the prerequisites to implement a successful project. This will be Serneke's second construction start in Kalmar county, the first in Kalmar city and a big step for continued establishment in an expansive region, says Fredrik Nilsson, Construction Manager at Serneke Sweden.

- Finally, we can start building Kalmarsundsverket! We enable the Kalmar of the future by building a robust, reliable and flexible cycle plant. The primary mission is good water purification for reduced eutrophication and the entire project is characterized by sustainability. Purified wastewater can be recycled for various uses and relieve the drinking water supply, nutrients and energy are recovered and returned to the cycle. The operation will be both cost- and energy-efficient, and we are looking forward to future development, says Thomas Bergfeldt, CEO of Kalmar Vatten.

Construction is expected to start at the beginning of September and the new treatment plant is expected to be ready in the fourth quarter of 2026. The order total of approximately SEK 1,417 million will be booked in the third quarter of 2022.

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