Serneke reinforces the Karlatornet organization


With Balder having become the new co-owner of the Karlatornet tower in mid-December last year, the construction of Karlatornet is now back up to full speed. Serneke is now reinforcing the organization, adding several important roles to the project.

The three people recruited to the production organization for the Karlatornet tower are Anders Gustafson, Lars Holmström and Frida Olausson Lindh. They all join the project from NCC, where they most recently worked on the Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital project in Gothenburg. Anders Gustafson takes on the position of Construction Manager, Lars Holmström the position of Chief Project Manager and Frida Olausson Lindh the position of Project Manager.

“What attracted me to Serneke and Karlatornet was the opportunity to be part of something that will make a lasting impression. Large-scale projects generate something special and have their own heartbeat. We all feel highly inspired by opportunity to complete a major project and then continue with an even larger landmark in the form of the Karlatornet tower,” says Frida Olausson Lindh.

“Being able to take on this challenge alongside all of our new colleagues and getting everyone involved in developing in their roles and, of course, having fun at work is what I look forward to most,” says Lars Holmström.

Several similarities between the children’s hospital and Karlatornet

Anders, Lars and Frida see several similarities between their latest project, the Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, and their upcoming challenge, the Karlatornet tower.

“Both are major, public projects that have been fraught with interruptions for various reasons. The principal similarities, however, are the large number of stakeholders, the project volume and the pace of development, and the challenges these entail,” says Anders Gustafson.

“It feels great to strengthen our organization with Anders, Lars and Frida at Karlatornet. Their expertise and leadership will be valuable for the progress of the project, and I look forward to welcoming all three to Serneke and Region West,” says Shahroz Sahba, Regional Manager West at Serneke.

“I look forward to welcoming Anders, Lars and Frida personally to Serneke and Karlastaden, and specifically to the Karlatornet project, which is one of numerous exciting projects we are conducting out here,” says Daniel Åstenius, CEO of Karlastaden Utveckling AB.

All three will start working in their new positions in March 2021.

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