Serneke secures land allocation for new city block in Hagastaden


Serneke intends to develop an entire city block in Hagastaden, in Stockholm. The project has now progressed a stage with the approval of the land allocation. The block will include a new sports and culture center for KFUM Central (Swedish YMCA/YWCA), as well as a hotel, offices and a school.

On December 12, the City of Stockholm Development Board approved a land allocation for Serneke, comprising part of the Vasastaden 1:16 property in Stockholm's Norrmalm district. The land allocation grants Serneke exclusive rights to continue working with the development of the project.

The city block will include buildings with approximately 40,000 square meters of space and will be an important meeting place with substantial flows of people during much of the day. In cooperation with Serneke, KFUM Central will provide modern and well-suited premises for sports and cultural activities.

"We look forward to continuing working alongside KFUM Central and the City of Stockholm to develop this city block, in which sports, health and culture will be prominent features," says Ola Serneke, President and CEO of Serneke Group.

"We are very pleased to have passed this important milestone in the project and that the city has so clearly shown its desire to be involved in bringing this project to fruition. While this will bring a significant injection of spaces for sports and cultural activities, it will also be a secure meeting place in the Hagastaden neighborhood," says Hans von Uthmann, who is in charge of KFUM Central's Sports and Culture Center.

"We have a considerable shortage of sports halls and spaces for club activities in Stockholm. This collaboration between KFUM Central and Serneke will have a great impact on sports and cultural activities in Hagastaden, in Norrmalm and in Stockholm as a whole," says Joakim Larsson (Swedish Moderate Party) Vice Mayor for City Planning.

The process will now continue with the elaboration of further design proposals and a detailed development plan for the area.

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