Serneke signs land allocation agreement with the municipality of Växjö


Serneke has won a land allocation competition for the Dörren 4 property in the Vikaholm area of Växjö. The land allocation agreement that has now been signed with the municipality of Växjö encompasses the construction of 104 rental apartments in the area.

Four buildings are to be constructed, containing the apartments. The 104 apartments, of one to three rooms, will total approximately 6,600 square meters GFA (gross floor area). The homes have been designed in accordance with the vision of “Sustainable Växjö 2030” and the buildings will be constructed to consume less energy, thereby contributing to their low environmental impact. The objective is to meet the requirements for near-zero energy buildings.

Vikaholm is located south of Teleborg in Växjö and is envisioned as a sustainable residential area. The area has been under development since 2012 and, once everything has been completed, the area will contain some 1,000 homes.

“We were impressed by the municipality’s ambitiousness and look forward to contributing to the development of Vikaholm. We see an extensive demand for small, well-planned rental apartments in Växjö,” says Jonas Håkansson, Business Manager at Serneke.

“We are pleased that Serneke now wants to build additional homes in Växjö. With additional rental apartments in Vikaholm, we will achieve a greater breadth and a range of housing, suited to an increasing number of people,” says Rickard Karlsson of Liberalerna (Swedish Liberal Party), Chairman of the planning board in the Municipality of Växjö.

Construction of the apartments is scheduled to commence in 2021, with tenants being scheduled to move in during 2023.

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