Serneke to conduct renovation project for Kungälvsbostäder


Serneke has signed an agreement with municipal housing company Kungälvsbostäder for the comprehensive renovation of 81 apartments, with an option for an additional 123.

The project at hand encompasses apartments owned by Kungälvsbostäder in the Fontin neighborhood of Kungälv. The apartments were constructed in the late 1950s and therefore require complete renovation. Accordingly, the contract includes full replacement of the plumbing, in turn requiring the kitchens and bathrooms to be renovated. The project also includes replacing the windows, balcony doors, electrical fittings and central heating (plumbing and radiators) in the apartments. Common areas, including laundry rooms, attic spaces, stairwells and entrances are also to be refurbished. Outdoors, guttering and drainage are to be replaced and new shrubbery and flowerbeds will be planted.

In an initial stage, 81 apartments will be renovated, with the work scheduled to commence in January 2021 and to be completed in June 2022.

“Serneke has been present in Kungälv for a long time, contributing substantial new construction there. This is an exciting opportunity to also extend the life of older properties and raise the standard for Kungälvsbostäder’s tenants,” says Christopher Hjelm, Construction Manager at Serneke.

“We look forward to working with Serneke to modernize the Fontin properties, so they can continue to provide attractive housing for current and future tenants alike,” says Anders Ljung, Project Manager at Kungälvsbostäder.

The order value for the 81 apartments comprising the first stage of the project amounts to about SEK 50 million and is included in order bookings for the fourth quarter of 2020. The agreement includes an option for a second stage encompassing a further 123 apartments.

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