Serneke to construct 28 terraced houses in Allarp


Serneke and Högkvarteret Förvaltning och Projektutveckling AB have signed a turnkey contract for the construction of the Havsängen project, comprising 28 condominium apartments in the form of terraced houses in Allarp in the Municipality of Laholm. The order is valued at approximately SEK 54 million.

Serneke and Högkvarteret Förvaltning och Projektutveckling AB have partnered in developing a housing project that includes the new construction of 28 tenant-owner apartments in the form of terraced houses in Allarp in the Municipality of Laholm. The next step in the project has now been taken with a turnkey contract having been signed for construction. The contract also includes planning the layout of the site, the external environment and the construction of ancillary buildings.

The 28 terraced houses will be approximately 109 m2 each distributed over two floors with a strong focus on open common areas on the ground floor with a ceiling height of 3 m. The houses will have large glass sections towards the rear and sand-gray wooden facades. With the color scheme and architectural design, the architect seeks to reflect and unite the character of the area in a classic Nordic-design wooden house.

Allarp enjoys a strategically favorable location close to both the countryside and the sea, while also offering great communications via the E6 motorway and Båstad train station. The terraced houses are positioned to provide a transition between Allarp’s small-scale buildings to the south and the national park to the north. The area will include a varied range of new housing, as well as nursing homes, preschools and schools.

“We are very pleased to have succeeded, alongside Högkvarteret, in developing an efficient, architecturally appealing and good project, which has now resulted in an agreement being signed. The collaboration with Högkvarteret, a new partner for us, has worked very well, with the focus always remaining on the project’s values. We look forward to getting started,” says Karl Wetterlund, Construction Manager at Serneke.

“We are happy to have landed this collaboration with Serneke and to get started with BRF Havsängen. Together with Serneke, Högkvarteret will create appealing and attractive accommodation in the expansive Allarp area. This is our third project in Allarp and our first together with Serneke, where we look forward to a strong and fruitful partnership,” says Filip Nylin at Högkvarteret AB.

The planning and design process will commence immediately, with groundwork and excavation expected to commence in the spring of 2022. The terraced houses are scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2023. The project order totals about SEK 54 million and will be included in the order bookings for the first quarter of 2022.

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