Serneke to construct courthouse in Jönköping


Serneke, Castellum and the Swedish Courts have signed a turnkey contract to construct a courthouse for the Göta Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Appeal in Jönköping. The order is valued at approximately SEK 223 million.

The new courthouse will be constructed on the Slottskajen quayside by Lake Munksjön in central Jönköping and will house the Göta Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Appeal in Jönköping. The approximately 9,000 square-meter building will contain ten courtrooms and about 180 workplaces. The project will be conducted in close collaboration between Serneke, Castellum and the Swedish Courts.

The new courthouse will house purpose-built, modern premises with improved accessibility for visitors and personnel. Security will play an important role in the project. The level of security for the courtrooms will be higher, for example, and there will be a security check in the lobby. The building will be constructed in accordance with the Miljöbyggnad Guld environmental standard, bringing optimum performance with commercial technology, entailing stricter requirements and advanced solutions.

With the Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Appeal sharing a building, conditions will be improved for exchange and collaboration between them, bringing new opportunities to streamline parts of their respective operations.

“It feels great to be able to further expand our business in Jönköping with this contract. We look forward to a beneficial collaboration with Castellum and the Swedish Courts on this major project,” says Peter Andersson, Construction Manager at Serneke.

The process of designing the building will begin immediately, with construction due to commence at the end of 2020. The courthouse is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2022. The order value of SEK 223 million will be included in order bookings for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Peter Andersson

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Johan Live

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