Serneke to construct Havotek for H22 City Expo


Havotek will be a sustainable and urban meeting place and educational center for all who are curious about issues related to clean water and the oceans. The concept for Havotek is being developed in partnership between the City of Helsingborg, Hemsö, Serneke, Tengbom arkitekter and the Port of Helsingborg.

H22 City Expo is an international urban fair that will be open to the public in Helsingborg from 30 May to 3 July this year. The focus of the fair is urban development and innovative solutions for a smarter and more sustainable city.

The Havotek pavilion will be located in the Oceanhamnen district and designed as a prototype future learning space with outdoor educational facilities and activities for all ages. Visitors will learn more about the role of the oceans in the cycle of life, and about life below the surface, getting acquainted with sea animals and plants through a petting aquarium, among other things. Havotek is intended to attract a broad target group and to serve as a destination for school classes, families and those who are simply eager to learn more.

“By participating, we also seek to address everyone who, like we are, is involved in building our society. The aim is for the sea to become an obvious parameter to take into account when developing intelligent and sustainable cities. We are proud to be part of the project and we are pleased to collaborate with the City of Helsingborg, Hemsö, Tengbom arkitekter and the Port of Helsingborg on these important issues,” says Viktor Nagenius, Business Manager at Serneke.

“Havotek will bring life in the sea to the fore, affording visitors an opportunity to get up close at a petting aquarium. This is an exciting project in which the city is collaborating with the business community to generate and share knowledge about something as important as life in the oceans,” says Martin Hadmyr, Parks Commissioner for the City of Helsingborg, member of the Urban Planning Commission and one of the architects behind H22.

During the H22 fair, Serneke will also be participating with Alone Together, a research project on future housing with the ambition of developing a concept that builds away loneliness.

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