Serneke to construct new fire station in Uddevalla


Serneke and the Municipality of Uddevalla have signed a contracting agreement for the construction of a new fire station for the Mitt Bohuslän Rescue Services. The fire station is scheduled for completion in 2023, with the order being valued at SEK 159 million in total.

The parties already have a collaborative agreement regarding the construction of Uddevalla’s new fire station at the Halla-Stenbacken property, at the intersection of Exercisvägen and Västgötavägen in the Municipality of Uddevalla. Since the autumn of 2020 Serneke, the Municipality and the rescue services have been collaborating on the design of the new fire station, with a total area of slightly more than 4,000 m2 and a new roundabout. The project has now achieved the interim objective of the turnkey contract having been signed for the fire station building, including external landscaping.

The construction of the roundabout, with connecting streets and other infrastructure, as well as the reinforcement of the ground around the fire station currently being in progress. The project is scheduled for completion in 2023, when the new the fire station will enter operation.

“It feels great to have made it all the way to a Phase 2 contract and, accordingly, to have been given the green light to executing the project in a transparent and cost-efficient manner, prepared in collaboration with the Municipality of Uddevalla, the Mitt Bohuslän Rescue Services and the other partners in the project. We work together to assess the technology, design and implementation options, to foster optimum conditions for well-functioning operations over time, substantial adaptability of the facility over time, and efficient management,” says Christoffer Sundin, Works Manager at Serneke.

“To maintain safety, security and consideration for the community in Uddevalla, we are constructing a modern and functional fire station that will be a prominent new landmark in a strategic location. Deriving the greatest possible quality for the money has been, and remains, our objective. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we now enter Phase 2 and can commence construction,” says Birgitta Andersson, Project Manager for the Municipality of Uddevalla.

Of the total order value of SEK 159 million, SEK 137 million are included in the order bookings for the second quarter 2021, with the remaining SEK 22 million already having been settled.

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